For patients who desire a low-maintenance and long-term tooth replacement solution, we often recommend dental implants. As a fixed or permanent artificial tooth, a dental implant is a nearly perfect simulation of a real tooth. Constructed from premium materials like titanium and porcelain, a dental implant showcases a level of durability and esthetic appeal that was once impossible to achieve in the field of prosthetic dentistry.

The implant has earned a reputation for its long lifespan and its lifelike appearance, but Dr. Burchard & Dr Pierce would argue that there is an even greater asset that makes dental implants the right choice for almost every patient—Implants are fully customizable.  If you are missing a natural tooth, whether by birth, decay or by accident, there is an implant solution for you. However, if you are missing several teeth, or even all of your teeth, there is still an implant solution that will fit your needs.

Take a look at some of the most popular and effective dental implant solutions:

Dr. Burchard & Dr Pierce can perform a thorough, comprehensive examination to assess your tooth-replacement needs in order to recommend the dental implant solution that provides you with an optimal level of performance and esthetics.

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