Ridge Augmentation at Dental Surgical Arts of Tulsa: Rebuilding Foundations for a Stronger Smile

Ridge Augmentation at Dental Surgical Arts of Tulsa: Rebuilding Foundations for a Stronger Smile

Reclaiming Your Oral Health with Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation is a pivotal procedure in the realm of periodontal and implant dentistry, designed to restore the natural contour of your jaws and gums. At Dental Surgical Arts of Tulsa, we specialize in this advanced treatment, helping patients prepare for dental implants and recover the aesthetics of their smile after tooth loss. Under the guidance of Dr. Jordan Pierce, Dr. Brent Burchard & our team employs cutting-edge techniques to ensure the best outcomes for ridge augmentation, providing a solid foundation for future restorations.

The Necessity of Ridge Augmentation for Dental Implants

Tooth loss and periodontal disease can lead to significant bone loss, resulting in an inadequate foundation for dental implants. Ridge augmentation addresses this issue by rebuilding the bone structure, ensuring that implants have the necessary support. This procedure is crucial for anyone considering dental implants as it enhances both the function and aesthetics of the implant and the overall smile.

The Ridge Augmentation Process: Building Towards a Brighter Smile

Ridge augmentation typically involves placing bone graft material into the tooth socket immediately after tooth extraction or in areas where teeth have been missing for some time. This not only helps in preventing bone loss following an extraction but also in preparing the site for a future implant. By restoring the original height and width of the alveolar ridge, we ensure that your dental implants will have a strong, natural-looking appearance.

Benefits of Ridge Augmentation

  • Improved Aesthetics: Ridge augmentation restores the natural contour of your smile, improving its overall appearance.
  • Enhanced Implant Success: By providing a stable base, ridge augmentation increases the success rate of dental implants.
  • Prevention of Further Bone Loss: This procedure stimulates bone growth, preventing further deterioration of the jawbone.

Why Choose Dental Surgical Arts of Tulsa for Ridge Augmentation?

Dental Surgical Arts of Tulsa is at the forefront of periodontal therapy, offering personalized care plans tailored to each patient's unique needs. Dr. Pierce’s & Dr. Burchard’s expertise in periodontal surgery and bone grafting ensures that every ridge augmentation procedure is performed with the utmost precision and care, maximizing patient comfort and treatment outcomes.

Comprehensive Care Beyond Ridge Augmentation

Our commitment to your oral health extends beyond ridge augmentation. We offer a full spectrum of periodontal services, from gum grafting to periodontal maintenance, ensuring that every aspect of your gum and bone health is addressed. Our holistic approach to periodontal care ensures the longevity and success of your dental implants and overall oral health.

Schedule Your Ridge Augmentation Consultation

If you're considering dental implants or have been told you lack the bone density for implants, ridge augmentation might be the solution you need. Contact Dental Surgical Arts of Tulsa today at (918) 748-8868 to schedule your consultation. Let us help you rebuild the foundation for a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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