Periodontal Plastic Surgery

An unattractive smile isn’t simply a cosmetic issue; it may also be a sign of deteriorating oral health. With Dr. Burchard & Dr. Pierce you’ll find the blend of talent and experience that is necessary for the correction of receding gums, gummy smiles, and thinning tissue. These periodontal plastic surgery procedures will not only improve the look of your smile but also add the strength and increased comfort that can improve the quality of your life.

Soft tissue root coverage grafting

Exposed tooth roots can often be treated successfully with a common periodontal surgery known as gum grafting. Although the gums are not self-correcting, gum tissue from you or another source can be surgically placed over the root and allowed to heal for stronger, more esthetic, and less sensitive teeth.

Esthetic crown lengthening

The strategic removal of excess gum tissue can be the key to resolving a “gummy smile” or it can improve the outcome of certain restorative procedures like dental crowns and veneers. Known as crown lengthening, this surgical procedure effectively reshapes the gumline (and sometimes the underlying bone) to positively influence the balance and proportion of a single tooth or an entire smile.

Soft tissue augmentation

The gum tissue that covers the roots of the teeth is so delicate that it can be destroyed by periodontal disease, oral trauma, or even an abrasive toothbrush. When these conditions have torn the gums away from the teeth, they may need to be reinforced with additional soft tissue in a procedure known as soft tissue augmentation.

This versatile procedure can be performed on individual teeth or across a series of teeth.  Using modern dental technology, the gum tissue can be used to provide additional coverage for the teeth or to thicken thin gum tissue that is particularly vulnerable to further damage.

Surgery without Sacrifice

Periodontal plastic surgery is performed in the dental office where the appropriate sedation dentistry measures can be observed. With local anesthetics and safely administered sedatives, you’ll be able to experience the recommended surgical procedures feeling comfortable and relaxed.

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