A Contemporary Solution to an Age-old Problem

Life with conventional dentures that are loose or uncomfortable can leave a lot to be desired. Virtually any man or woman who has worn dentures has experienced the instability, discomfort, and failing confidence that are inevitable in the absence of permanent teeth. This is mainly due to the traditional denture’s inability to prevent the inner structures of the mouth from deteriorating. In due time, conventional denture wearers are forced to turn to reline procedures and adhesives in order to speak and eat comfortably. It’s no wonder that today’s denture patients are looking for a more contemporary and reliable solution to this age-old problem.

A Perfect Union

When dental implants are combined with the conventional denture concept, it is possible to create a stronger and more attractive smile—all without adhesives, glues, relines, or repairs.

The All on X™ technique, in which four dental implants can be strategically placed in the jaw bone to form a permanent denture foundation, has been performed with tremendous success both in the United States and in Europe for several years. Each implant is precisely angled to achieve maximum mechanical retention, preserve delicate anatomic structures, and avoid additional procedures such as bone grafting. A metal bar is used to permanently connect the individual implants to a custom-fitted denture.

A Perfect Choice for You

All on X™ dental implants are perfect for patients who desire freedom from the restrictions of an old denture, but this solution is also ideal for those patients who are considering dentures for the first time. In most cases, our patients are able to have their teeth completely replaced and enjoy a nice meal in the same day!

If you are ready to do away with old-fashioned dentures in favor of permanent teeth that won’t need to be removed, or if you would like to learn more about the benefits of the All on X™ procedure, we’d like to hear from you! Contact our office today to schedule your personal consultation.

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