Surgically Assisted Orthodontics

When necessary, Dr. Burchard & Dr. Pierce can partner with your orthodontist to assist in the orthodontic movement of your teeth. Although the use of braces and other orthodontic appliances rely on strategic force to reposition the teeth, true success can only be achieved when the health of the supporting gums and bones are taken into consideration.

By tapping into his vast knowledge and expertise regarding the periodontal structures, Dr. Burchard & Dr. Pierce can employ a variety of surgical techniques that are designed to enhance the final outcome of your orthodontic treatment.

Periodontal surgery can be used to enhance your orthodontic progress by way of the following procedures:

Accelerated Orthodontics: For many adult orthodontic patients, completing the active phase of treatment as quickly as possible is a common request. However, the forceful movement of the teeth too quickly can result in damaged to the gums, teeth, and bones. Bone loss, gum recession, shortened root structures, and even tooth loss are the unfortunate consequences of aggressive orthodontic procedures.

Using proven orthodontic concepts and a clear understanding of the jaw bone’s ability to remodel itself, Dr. Burchard & Dr. Pierce can surgically manipulate the bone around the teeth that are to be repositioned in order to allow for safer and more rapid movement without causing undue damage. Once the surgery is complete the teeth will move considerably faster and the treatment time will be shortened significantly.

Unerupted Tooth Exposure: Orthodontic treatment cannot be finalized until all of the permanent teeth have erupted. When a tooth is unable to break through the bone and gum tissue on its own, an orthodontist might request the services of a periodontist for assistance.

Advanced diagnostics will be employed to carefully identify the precise location of the impacted tooth or teeth. Next, a simple surgical procedure will be performed to make an incision through the gum tissue and/or bone in order to reveal the hidden tooth. Once the tooth has been exposed, a tiny orthodontic bracket will be attached to the tooth and the patient will return to the orthodontist for further adjustments.

A Greater Chance for Success

When periodontal techniques are combined with modern orthodontic treatments, there is a greater chance for a successful outcome and a decreased chance that our patients will suffer irreversible damage to their smiles.

To learn more about surgically assisted orthodontics, contact us to reserve your consultation today.

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