We Promise to Make You Comfortable & Relaxed

One of the main reasons many people do not receive the dental care they need is dental anxiety. We understand that for a variety of reasons, many people have a very real apprehension when it comes to dental procedures. So, we take our patient’s comfort very seriously and want to provide the most stress-free dental experience possible.

Modern technology has made sedation dentistry safer and more effective than ever before. Through various sedation methods, you will slip into a dream-like state while we provide you with the dental care you need to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile.

Comprehensive Sedation Dentistry Services

Most patients can respond to questions, but do not experience nervousness or discomfort and remember little about the appointment afterwards.

Don’t Wait: Contact Us for Immediate Emergency Care

If you're experiencing a dental emergency, immediate action can be the key to preserving your oral health and preventing further complications. Contact Dental Surgical Arts of Tulsa right away at (918) 748-8868 to schedule your emergency consultation. We’re here to provide the expert periodontal care you need to address your emergency and restore your oral health.

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