Tooth Extractions

Losing a natural tooth is never fun. In fact, depending upon the circumstances, tooth loss can be frightening and sometimes embarrassing. However, having damaged or weak teeth extracted and replaced with dental implants can turn out to be the best choice for your health. It’s a decision that can improve your appearance, your confidence, and your eating habits. It’s also a choice that will ultimately strengthen your bite and create a healthier environment for your remaining teeth. Often, the choice of a dental implant is a more conservative option to tooth replacement than a tooth damaging bridge.

Every Detail Matters

Dr. Burchard’s & Dr. Pierce’s expertise in implant dentistry and periodontics makes him an ideal resource for patients who need to have teeth taken out and replaced with dental implants. The success rate for dental implants depends heavily on the health and the condition of the bone and soft tissue at the site of the extracted tooth. As the tooth is extracted, great care must be taken to preserve as much of the hard and soft tissue as possible for the future implant.

Without detailed planning, precision, and finesse, a significant amount of precious bone can be inadvertently removed along with an extracted tooth. A poorly executed extraction can also result in severely damage gum tissue at the surgical site, a consequence that can impact the final esthetic appearance of your dental implant. Dr. Burchard & Dr. Pierce recognize these challenges, and performs tooth extractions as carefully and as conservatively as possible in order to position each patient for a future dental implant.

Comfort and Confidence

Having teeth extracted in preparation for dental implants may be best performed with the help of sedation dentistry. Local anesthetics, oral sedatives, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation can take the edge off of your anxiety and are also safe choices for pain management. Dr. Burchard & Dr. Pierce can help you to understand the benefits of sedation dentistry, and our team has the knowledge and experience to keep you comfortable and safe from the beginning of your visit until the end.

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